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                    We bring photos to you, not only snapshoots !

         Are you  also BORED in some cheap hotel or home location ?


offer every model various Photo LOCATIONS.

make it possible for them to get a nice shots in a STUDIO.

visit cabaret Ladyboys in their DRESSING ROOMS.

visit Ladyboys from University in there LIBRARIES.

take photos from independent Ladyboys in their SHOPS.

We guess this is not the first webside about LADYBOYS you have visited. We hope to change your feelings about these amazing persons.           Often you find information about the places where to find them, how to contact them............ and many details about THEM !

Let us tell you : There is not only ONE type of man, not only one type of woman,

and there is certainly NOT ONLY ONE TYPE OF LADYBOY out there !

Sure some of them work in bars or other places, and you can get that information from the internet or your friends.

But this is the    belive us !           

We want to inform you only about this :


And maybe only 1% of them  work in the small number of Ladyboy Bars in Bangkok-Pattaya-Phuket.

If you ask us where to find them, we will tell you: EVERYWHERE IN THAILAND.

So we are not going to waist your time and -INFORM- you about these places.                                                                      Anyway for this kind of -INFORMATIONS- you not need to JOIN a webside.

Just ask a TAXIDRIVER or have a look at a CITY MAP or TRAVELLGUIDE.

If someone still have QUESTIONS feel free to send an email to our:




                                                                    YOUR LADYBOY COMMUNITY


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                                Please feel free to contact our for you comments, suggestions and inquries

                                                              ALL MODELS ARE  OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE